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Winter 2021 Class Schedule

Winter 2021 class Schedule

Course Title Instructor Day/Time Textbooks
MATH 285-2 Accelerated Mathematics for MMSS Daniel Cuzzocreo TBD
MATH 386-1 Econometrics for MMSS Eric Auerbach TBD
MMSS 211-3 Formal Models in Political Science Jean Clipperton TBD
MMSS 311-1 Advanced Game Theory Jeff Ely TBD
MMSS 398-2 Senior Seminar Joe Ferrie TBD No Text


Winter 2020 course descriptions

MATH 285-2: Accelerated Mathematics for MMSS 

MATH 386-1: Econometrics for MMSS

MMSS 211-3:  Formal Models in Political Science

MMSS 311-1:  Advanced Game Theory

MMSS 398-2:  Senior Seminar


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