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Employment Opportunities

Internship Resources:

Chicago Field Studies. CFS is the largest academic internship program on campus serving over 300 students each year from all schools and majors. The program merges academic study and career exploration by combining a seminar class with an internship experience. Once accepted into the program students receive individual career advising that helps them identify and apply for internships that match their career interests. 

Kellogg School of Management. Many Kellogg professors seek research assistants with strong quantitative skills throughout the year. To facilitate matching between prospective RAs and faculty members, they have created an online survey about the skills most sought after by Kellogg faculty members.

Institute for Policy Research. Summer research assistantships are often available at IPR. Interested students are encouraged to apply directly to IPR faculty fellows and associates working in their particular field of interest. Students should provide a Northwestern transcript as well as a cover letter and resume that describes the applicant’s education, work experience, and computer skills. If students cannot find a suitable IPR faculty member, they may also e-mail their application to Cynthia Kendall ( to be included in a list for IPR faculty seeking undergraduate researchers.

MMSS Internship Directory. A list of internships current MMSS students have had in the past, for networking purposes.